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Hi! My name is Charina and I'm the owner of Sweet Chay's Pastries. I'm an Interior Designer by profession, a self-taught baker, and a self-taught sugar cake artist.

My clients and friends call me Chay. I began my love of art at the age of 10. I even remembered asking my dad to enroll me in an Art class inside our village and would sometimes walk to attend my favorite class over the weekends. At that age, weekends always excited me and I would lose track of time because I'll be doing something that I genuinely enjoy and love.



I started working as a Junior Interior Designer at the age of 17. I wanted to do more so after a couple of years I transferred to the airline industry and worked an as International Flight Attendant for about 9 years total. 3 years with Philippine Airlines and 6 years with Emirates. I enjoyed living in Dubai, UAE during those 6 years. I had the privilege to travel to more than 25 countries and to many different cities in Asia, Europe, the US, and Africa. I'm very blessed and grateful because of my work I was introduced to the world of high-end international design from Architecture to fashion and yummy food n desserts. 

Moving to Japan in 2009 has helped my passion for food, art, and music to grow but I had to return to Manila after the devastating Tsunami incident in 2012. Being an interior designer, I knew that I'm still in love with designing but wanted to find something different so I combined my love for art, cake, and music. I wanted to make not-too-sweet cakes. I enrolled myself in one of the famous local culinary schools for short lifestyle courses and also did my own research so I can start teaching myself the techniques that I needed.


My background in interior design gave me an edge in capturing the cake design that I wanted to create just all in my imagination. After a few years of practice, my skills have improved.

Orchid Close up.jpg

I now live in Manila, where I opened an online boutique cake shop in 2016. I specialize in pre-ordered artisan custom cakes and desserts for people and companies. I offer a lot of options for customization so that the cake can match the occasion and the personality of my clients.

Please take a look at my work and see what I can create for you! I would love to make you that perfect cake for your special occasion, wedding, birthday, or any other occasion you can think of! ​


Sincerely wishing you the best on your celebration day. I'm delighted you are considering Sweet Chay's Pastries as your partner in handmade artisan cakes. Browse the gallery now and contact me so we can start creating your dream custom cakes. 

Business Hours

Monday: closed (closed for both design consultation and pick-ups)

Tuesday to Saturday: open (10am - 6pm)

(Available pick-up slots: 10am, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm)


Sunday: open half day (10am - 12noon)

(pickups only. closed for design consultation) 

(available pick-up slot: 10am)

* If your event falls on a Monday and you'd like to order a custom cake, kindly let us know in advance so we can help you arrange a day before pick-up.

* Design consultation operating hours: 

Tuesday to Saturday 11am - 7pm

* We're only accepting pick-ups at open pick-up slots.

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