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Arjun Singh, a 21-year-old Hindu student of Canada, has the power of teleportation; his personal assistant, Rajveer, has the ability to create any object of his imagination, including super-soldier abilities. Singh and Rajveer, who are sworn enemies, are both brought together by an evil gang who forces Singh to use his powers to steal $2 million in diamonds from his college, in the presence of Rajveer, which he can neither stop nor leave. After stealing the diamonds, Singh brings his friends to the police to return the money. Rajveer is suspected of murder by the police, who search for him and his friends. The film was dubbed and released in multiple languages in 2017. Plot Arjun Singh is a 21-year-old student at the University of Toronto, Canada. He has telekinetic powers of teleportation and his assistant, Rajveer, who has the ability to create objects of his imagination, including super-soldier abilities. Singh is also a Hindu and Rajveer is his only friend. Rajveer often clashes with Singh for not listening to his orders and fighting him on this. During a trip to India, Singh is arrested by the CBI, the Central Bureau of Investigation of India. He has been accused of trying to sell an ancient artefact that is not his. Arjun Singh claims to be a victim of CBI's and their police under the order of the former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. He and his friends decide to come back to India as they are on the run. When they return to India, they encounter a gang that arranges their journey in India to steal $2 million worth of diamonds from the security guards at a museum. He is confronted by his friends and Rajveer who is in the museum searching for his stolen diamonds. They steal the diamonds, but accidentally leaves the case with the diamonds in the same car. As they are on their way back to India, Singh and his friends are arrested by the police and detained in the prison of India. Singh is rescued by the CBI and released from prison. Later, Singh and his friends go to the CBI and return the case with the diamonds. The police are convinced that they are the criminal masterminds. On their way back to Canada, Singh is forced to steal a car by a police officer. Singh accidentally releases a faulty bomb of Rajveer's creation in the car and is then taken to hospital, he is then arrested by the police.




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